A Shared Ethos
We apply strong universal values to everything we do in school.

· Listening to pupils is the key to any good school
· We expect excellent behaviour from everyone in school, positive rewards and fairly applied sanctions are used to promote this.
· A caring attitude towards others leads to everyone’s feelings and beliefs being respected.
· Regular praise and a feeling of security help to develop self-esteem and an open and questioning mind.
· Curiosity, perseverance and a prevailing “can do” attitude helps children to develop independence in their learning.
· We aim to be a healthy school in our food and drink routines and the provision of regular physical activity.

​Teaching & Learning

Our core purpose is to provide high quality Teaching and Learning. Children learn in many different ways so we aim to teach using many different styles:
· The classroom is silent, quiet or sometimes very noisy!
· The teacher talks, demonstrates, listens, observes, guides, assess and disciplines.
· We employ a carefully chosen range of teaching styles and classroom organisation depending on the learning objectives of the lesson.
· We acknowledge that learners may have a preference for visual, auditory or kinaesthetic learning styles and we plan to use all of these approaches.
· The future use of regular ICT will enable our learners to develop life-long learning habits.
Dedicated staff are encouraged to constantly develop their teaching expertise and are empowered to take risks in the classroom to ensure the curriculum is exciting for young learners.